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We are a High-Voltage ⚡Colorado-based SEO agency serving regional, national, and enterprise organizations. We help market leaders solve complex SEO challenges and achieve big results. Our clients benefit from exceptional SEO strategy, AI technology & top SEO talent. If you’re serious about SEO and want to work with the best, we’re your team.

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We are highly selective about who we work with, and you should be too. Schedule a quick call with a member of our SEO staff to discuss project requirements and get insight into your SEO opportunities. If the project looks like a winner on both sides, we’ll move forward with a customized project plan and proposal for you to consider.

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How is Colorado SEO Pros Different?

At Colorado SEO Pros, we combine advanced SEO technology and cutting-edge SEO strategies to provide aggressive results. We leverage Semantic Match SEO (™), our proprietary content optimization technology that drives more of the right visitors. Combined with advanced link-building and technical know-how, we provide an unmatched SEO approach that produces higher rankings, more visitors, and conversions that deliver a big ROI.

Exponential ROI

SEO can generate exponential returns. The right SEO agency can grow your organic traffic consistently every month, and those gains compound. Over the course of a year, even a 5% monthly gain will increase your organic traffic by 79.58%. Because organic traffic is an inbound marketing channel that attracts visitors interested in your services, these gains can translate into substantial improvements to your bottom line.

Digital marketing mix

SEO is considered to be the foundation of modern digital marketing strategy because it provides the highest ROI and connects businesses with a massive audience. However, results from SEO can be amplified and supported through a variety of other digital marketing channels, here are the most important ones that we provide SEO-integrated solutions for.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Paid Search & Social

Online Reputation Management

Social-Media Marketing

SEO Website Design & Consulting

Companies we provide SEO services to

We typically choose to work with growing companies who have an established business model, or have validated their products and services. If you’re a new business without funding please ask about pricing to make sure we are a good fit for you.

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Committed to Success

Since we only work with a limited number of clients at any given time, we’re wholly committed to each client’s success. We are a low-turnover business and we take the outcome of every SEO project very seriously.

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Top-tier team

We’ve cultivated one of the most highly-trained SEO teams anywhere in the country, based right here in Colorado. We’ll create a custom campaign just for you, one that helps you achieve your goals. We specialize in working with market leaders who need a more advanced solution than the average SEO agency can offer.

We’ve helped our average client grow their search traffic by 55.31% in the first six months. And because we have a deep understanding of Google’s guidelines, those gains continue to increase over time.

If you’d like to learn more, get in touch today or take a look at our SEO pricing.

SEO Capabilities

Colorado SEO Pros provides a full-spectrum of SEO services, which include complete campaign creation and management, SEO consulting, and executing specialized SEO projects. Services provided cover the 3 major areas of SEO influence: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

There are a number of sub-categories of SEO services that are often included within the overall campaign plan, some of these include: analytics analysis, competitive analysis, keyword and topic research, content strategy, SEO content production, schema markup strategy, voice search optimization, local SEO, video SEO, speed optimization, link-building strategy, backlink research, backlink outreach, and website crawl analysis & recommendations.

Colorado SEO Pros will create a comprehensive strategy and campaign schedule that will leverage each facet of SEO in the most benefitial way for each individual client.

As of January 2018 there were an estimated 1 billion voice searches per month, and it is estimated to grow to become 50% of all searches by 2020. Virtual assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, SIRI, and Cortana all help modern businesses and consumers find information, take action, and solve problems. The data these digital assistants use today comes from two main sources, Google & Bing.

Voice search optimization is a sub-category of SEO that has its own unique set of ranking factors and strategies to implement. This can include specialized content production, reading level targeting, question targeting, on-page SEO markup and a number of other important factors. With the quick rise of voice search it is imperative that voice search optimization be a part of your overall digital strategy.

One of the biggest SEO mistakes made today is designing, building, and launching a website without first considering SEO and user behavioral data. The consequences of ignoring website data and SEO performance details can be loss of search engine rankings and organic traffic, or even a complete removal from search engine results.

It is absolutely critical that your SEO team is involved from the very beginning, from initial content strategy and messaging, to information architecture and internal linking, all the way through pre and post launch SEO testing. There are specific approaches that can ensure your website is built in accordance with SEO best practices to maintain and even improve SEO performance after launch.

Colorado SEO Pros will create a comprehensive website SEO strategy and manage the website launch to ensure the best possible outcome.

Page load speed is an important search ranking factor and one of the most important areas of technical SEO. It is important that web pages load quickly on both mobile and desktop, because load speed is a critical part of user experience. If pages on your website load slowly you will see bounce rates increase and less visitors who convert into qualified opportunities.

Colorado SEO Pros will complete a site speed analysis and make specific recommendations to improve page load speed. The are a number of SEO solutions to increase site load speed, from optimizing images and cleaning up code, to adding server networks and updating server technology. We can work with your existing developer or bring in our dev team to optimize your website’s speed performance.

Google and Bing both have penalties that websites can receive for violating search-engine guidelines. These guidelines were created to maintain a positive user experience, and when unethical marketers try to cut-corners, cheat, and get around putting in the work, penalties can occur that leave websites without rankings or traffic until the penalty is lifted.

Penalties can occur as the result of sneaky redirects, cloaking, low-quality content, improper schema markup, spammy backlinks, and a variety of other causes. The remedy is almost always the same; fix the problem, document your efforts, and submit a reconsideration request. Unfortunately, the process is slow and there are no guarantees. Colorado SEO Pros will assess your site for penalties, address any identified issues, and monitor your site to make sure you’re covered if a penalty does occur in the future.

As a medium, video has been exploding over the past 5 years and it is only going to become more important. Youtube is the second largest search-engine and has over a billion users, almost one third of all internet users. Video already is prominent within search-engines and will play a critical role in virtual assistants with displays. If you aren’t considering the impact of video in your marketing, you will likely be caught by surprise.

There are a variety of ways we can leverage SEO to maximize the benefits from video, and vice versa. Video can be used as part of an on-site content strategy, it can be used to rank within rich snippets, and it can be leveraged to drive traffic directly from Youtube. There are unique strategies for each of these opportunities and they should align with your larger SEO and digital strategy.

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