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Founded by Chris Rodgers in September 2012, Colorado SEO Pros is a boutique SEO agency providing a suite of inbound marketing services for small and mid-sized organizations, from international enterprise corporations to technology start-ups and E-Commerce businesses across the country and abroad. We offer industry-leading services in terms of the methodologies we employ, and the technology we leverage in order to serve our clients and help them achieve aggressive results. We have a proven track record of success in competitive verticals and add value to our clients’ digital marketing campaigns through creativity, dedication, and an unparalleled desire to be the best at what we do.

Why Colorado SEO Pros


We believe in doing SEO the right way, even though it’s harder. That means following search-engine best practices, not outsourcing overseas or to low-skill contractors, and avoiding factory-style SEO that applies the same cookie-cutter solution to every client.

Our entire team is committed to the success of every project, and since we manage a limited number of clients you will get to know our team and they will know you. We believe in complete transparency, and that you have the right to understand what you’re paying for. Lastly, we believe that if we provide the very best and operate with strict ethical standards we will be rewarded with success, and so will you.


Each SEO and digital marketing campaign we create is custom-tailored based on individual client strengths and needs. Each strategy is crafted from a client-centric perspective, putting customers ahead of standardized SEO practices and methodologies. We seek what success means to you, instead of telling you what success is to us. We leverage market-leading SEO technology and exceptional in-house talent, to provide the most comprehensive and effective digital marketing solutions possible.


Our founder & CEO is active within the SEO, digital marketing, and local business community and regularly contributes to a variety of business groups and media publications.  We are an active member of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, and teach SEO to aspiring entrepreneurs at the Small Business Development Center in Denver.  We have been featured on Inc.com, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, SIA, and a number of other reputable media outlets, and regularly serve a diverse audience through our social-media channels.

TRACK RECORD:         

We have provided services across a range of industries to small and mid-sized organizations, from international enterprise corporations to technology start-ups and E-Commerce businesses across the country and abroad. We have helped our clients increase search rankings, organic traffic, website conversions, and ultimately driven millions in revenue. We quantify results and prove success through detailed tracking, and ongoing analysis & reporting. Visit here for testimonials and case studies.

If you would like to get in touch give us a call or shoot off a contact form, we’re happy to help any way we can.


Chris Rodgers – CEO & Founder

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Colorado SEO Pros is a legal trade name registered by Inbound Marketing Strategies, LLC in the state of Colorado.

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