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Our Clients Love Us

One of our clients is a national staffing agency with a very distinct voice and brand. We worked hand-in-glove with them to develop ads and landing pages that resonated with their target market and captured their unique company voice. Within the past 6 months Colorado SEO Pros generated 119 qualified leads, including several from Fortune 100 companies.

Through ongoing advanced optimization, we reduced their cost per lead by 48.8%. The staffing agency has seen such a strong ROI that they elected to double their pay-per-click spend with Colorado SEO Pros in order to double down on a lucrative channel. Bottom line: our clients love us because we get results.

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Why Do Top Brands Trust Us?

Unlike some other agencies, we don’t focus on “vanity metrics” like click-through rate or cost per click (CPC). We care about one thing: delivering leads. Lots of high-quality leads, the kind you’ll be thrilled to pass on to your sales team.

Because of that, PPC is an incredibly profitable channel for our clients. In fact, 60% of clients find so much value in our services after a few months that they raise their spend, so they can double-down on this high-profit channel.

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Personal Management by Our Head of PPC

We don’t pass accounts off to interns or junior analysts, because we believe that you deserve white-glove treatment. Our head of PPC will be your personal point of contact, and will work with you to develop strategy for your campaign.

Complete Transparency

Our job is to serve you. That’s why you’ll always own your PPC accounts and have access to our custom reporting dashboard. We’ll show you what we’re doing for you and why we’re doing it.

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Advanced Optimization

We don’t do “set it and forget it” pay-per-click. Our team’s in your account every week, testing new ads and tweaking campaign variables to take your campaign to the next level. We cut one client’s cost-per-lead by 41.9%.

Does Pay Per Click Advertising Really Work?

The short answer is yes. If you’re working with a reputable PPC agency or digital marketing agency, then PPC can deliver strong results and a powerful ROI. In 2017, 7 million advertisers spent $10.1 billion on PPC advertising. In 2019, 62% of marketers planned to raise their PPC advertising budgets. Your competitors are already seeing the value of paid ads.

According to a 2018 Google report, for every $1 that businesses spend on Google Ads, the business nets an average $2 in revenue. The average PPC ROI is 200%…and that number includes the mom-and-pops who are trying to DIY their PPC efforts and losing money as a result. A top-tier inbound marketing agency like Colorado SEO Pros can earn clients a lot more.

Here’s some of our typical results:


Of clients raise their spend after seeing results. Why not double down on a lucrative channel?


Reduction in cost-per-lead for a national staffing agency client


Growth in leads for a local assisted living facility

Pay-Per-Click for Businesses Who Want More Leads

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Google Display Ads


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How Much Does Pay Per Click Management Cost?

If you’re looking for PPC management services, you’ve probably seen a wide range of prices. Some companies charge a fixed fee every month, while other PPC advertising agencies charge a percentage of spend.

It’s important to note that you get what you pay for. If an agency offers to run your campaign for $300/month, they’re probably handing it off to an intern or doing “set it and forget it” ads management. At the same time, if an agency charges 50% of your spend every month as a management fee, you need to make sure they’re earning every dime.

At Colorado SEO Pros, we charge 10-20% of monthly spend as a management fee. Our head of PPC will personally manage your account and optimize it to consistently improve ROI. We’ll perform in-depth keyword research to get in front of your target market when they’re looking for services like yours. We also perform consistent conversion rate optimization (CRO) on landing pages in order to drive maximum ROI.

Our minimum spend for a PPC-only program is $5,000/month.

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