Echo Canyon SEO Testimonial

Echo Canyon Company Profile

Echo Canyon River Expeditions is Colorado’s largest commercial river rafting outfitter. They offer custom packages for people of all experience levels, from gentle rides to white water adventures. They’ve been around since 1978 and continue to grow every year.

SEO Continues to Boost Echo Canyon’s Success

“Colorado SEO Pros has managed our SEO for the last 2 and a half years and in that time we have seen keyword rankings and organic traffic increase substantially. Each month we track organic visitors and landing page organic visits, and each month looks better than the year before. This past year we saw total organic traffic rise 43% and landing page organic visits rise over 80%.”


“We are a seasonal business that aspires to reach customers all over the country, CSP has been able to understand our specific business and the challenges we face, they have worked with us to hit goals in a way that fits with our business timing and helps us achieve seasonal SEO goals.”

Avoiding Penalties

“When we initially contracted CSP, they discovered that our previous SEO provider had been doing some things with our site that put us at risk for a penalty with Google. We were unaware of what was being done, but CSP helped us clean up the pages and back links that were conflicting with Google guidelines and putting us at risk. We have avoided any kind of penalty to date and are confident that we are now following Google guidelines when executing our SEO strategy.”

Website Planning & Consulting

“CSP helped us manage the SEO aspects of our most recent website development project, and made sure that when we launched our site that we didn’t make mistakes that would negatively impact our rankings and organic traffic. CSP went above and beyond during the new website launch – making themselves available over weekends and a major holiday to ensure a seamless transition to the new site. We successfully launched our redesigned website and have seen rankings and organic traffic continue to grow.”

SEO Success to Date

“We believe that SEO has played an important role in our growth as Colorado’s largest white water rafting outfitter, and Colorado SEO Pros has made sure we are properly managing and executing an SEO strategy that keeps us moving in the right direction. If you’re looking for a solid SEO provider give Colorado SEO Pros a call to see how they can help.”

Ben Sack
General Manager, Echo Canyon River Expeditions

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