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K2 is an award-winning business application software company with over 500 employees and five offices across the globe. K2 develops custom business application software that makes process automation easy. More than 1.5 million users in over 84 countries, including 30 percent of the Fortune 100, are using K2 to save money, reduce risk and grow revenue.

How SEO Helps Build K2 Success

“Since we began working with Colorado SEO Pros we have grown total organic traffic from new users by 30%, and our total organic visits has grown to become a large percentage of our total website traffic. While we aren’t able to always implement all of the recommendations provided by CSP, they have helped ensure that we are aware of the SEO impact around our decisions and work with us to maximize SEO within website planning. In addition Colorado SEO Pros has helped us protect our organic traffic by identifying unforeseen issues related to unsolicited toxic links and addressing other issues with Google that could put our organic traffic at risk.

Colorado SEO Pros has been an easy company to work with; from the very beginning they have customized their SEO strategy to fit our specific needs. While most SEO companies would require we follow a more standardized project plan, Colorado SEO Pros created a custom strategy that fit with our stated needs.

As a growing organization within the technology sector our priorities and company objectives can shift on the fly, Colorado SEO Pros has been extremely responsive and truly places our needs ahead of their own processes. This has held true throughout the time we have worked together and we continue to receive a high level of customer service and personal attention today. If you are looking for a solid SEO company with high level of dedication and commitment, I recommend calling Colorado SEO Pros before making a final decision. ”

Todd Lilienthal
Director of Digital Strategy, K2

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