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Return On Investment

ROI (return on investment) is an important concept that is often overlooked in today’s age of modern advertising and digital technologies. While there are a plethora of important achievements that can be made through these efforts, none are as important as long-term ROI. Your business needs leads to continue functioning and grow to the next level, but if you spend more than you make, then you’re headed in the wrong direction. SEO is an invaluable resource to achieving an aggressive return on investment over the long-term.


With SEO, your biggest costs are almost always on the front end, because it takes time and sustained efforts to effectively run an SEO campaign. In the beginning months of SEO, a majority of your costs are used conducting important research and applying relevant changes to the website. Once some of these changes are complete, a link-building campaign can begin and results begin to follow (gradually). From this point, rankings, traffic, and the subsequent customer opportunities will generally increase every month until you reach the level of SEO competition typical for your industry. From this point you will have passed most competitors not doing SEO and will continue to compete for the most competitive position in search engine results.

ROI Timeframe

The time frame to achieve a positive return on investment can vary quite a bit depending on the industry in question, the monthly investment, and the level of SEO competition. For some industries an SEO campaign with a highly targeted website can begin producing results in a couple of months, for other industries it can take 6-8 months of sustained efforts to achieve significant results, and even more than a year in some situations. One important thing to keep in mind is that while an up front investment is not preferable for most businesses, it is the exact reason why the companies that take the leap are often the ones making the biggest long-term gains, consequently at the same time their competition is moving on to the next short-term advertising tactic. SEO is a long-term sustainable practice that yields an aggressive ROI when properly implemented and maintained and while other forms of advertising may be easier and cheaper to initiate, very few can offer the unlimited earning potential that SEO does.

ROI Potential

SEO is an inbound marketing practice used to attract customers to your business, often at the very time they are in need of your services. Unlike outbound advertising such as radio, direct mail, or even PPC (pay-per-click) search marketing, with SEO you are not cut off after a certain amount of exposure. Once your SEO campaign is driving regular leads and a positive return, the opportunities continue to increase even further. A stage can be reached where the number of leads far outweighs the monthly spend, which is a major milestone for any business that can achieve it and one that opens doors for all of them. There is no doubt that in today’s technology-driven economy the number one spot on Google is still the most sought after advertising opportunity, and while getting there is no easy task, the long-term benefits have proven well worth the effort for thousands of companies worldwide. Contact Colorado SEO Pros for a free evaluation today, we’ll analyze your site and back links and let you know the competition for your industry.

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