SEO Strategies

SEO Strategies & Tactics

There are many SEO strategies and tactics available for use in any given SEO campaign plan.  Many of the SEO tactics used in the past are becoming less effective on their own, and require inclusion into a larger SEO plan made up of multiple SEO strategies.  Keyword research, competitive analysis, link-building, local SEO, video SEO, and mobile SEO are all important SEO tactics that can be used in the overall campaign plan, as well as within individual SEO strategies.

SEO Strategies

While there are many SEO strategies that are common across different clients, there are just as many unique strategies that are created specifically for each individual client.  A single client can have multiple goals they are trying to reach, and thus can have several SEO strategies in play to reach those goals.  Some clients are most concerned with online visibility and their position compared with key competition, while other clients may be solely focused on achieving a positive ROI and improving total sales.  Our main priority is ensuring that the SEO strategies we deploy are in line with each client’s specific needs and business goals.

SEO Tactics

SEO tactics are used on the micro level to gain valuable data and target specific opportunities within the competitive landscape.  The SEO tactics used for one client can vary greatly depending on the type of client and their current position within the search space.  Some clients may have competitors that invest heavily in SEO and can then yield great results from competitive research, while other clients may have a cache of established relationships that can be leveraged to create backlinks.  Each client is individually evaluated to uncover which tactics may be most beneficial, this is one of the first steps in creating unique SEO strategies.

SEO Campaign Plan

Once business goals and objectives have been identified, and SEO tactics and strategies have been considered, it is time to create the SEO campaign plan.  This plan will utilize SEO tactics and strategies in a systematic and organized process designed to provide recurring feedback.  This feedback will provide the information needed to adjust strategy and more effectively reach business goals over time. By organizing our campaign by site KPI’s (key performance indicators), we are able to apply various SEO strategies simultaneously to reach a variety of business objectives.  Once the SEO campaign plan is underway we are able to track success through analytics and gain a better understanding of what is required to be successful over time.

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