SEO Link-Building

Creating a unique, customized link-building campaign plan for each client is central to off-page SEO strategy.  Once the on-page content has been updated and the identified keywords have been properly applied to each web pages’ source code and content, a link-building campaign can be initiated.

The three primary factors that influence search rankings are:

These factors can be heavily influenced by the links pointing to a given website. For example, it is best to acquire links from web pages that are;relevant to your website and target keywords, have lots of credible and relevant links pointing to their site (authority), and are trusted by having links from other trusted sites (like .edu, .gov sites). 

Content Marketing

Link-building can no longer operate in a silo and must have a strong tie-in with content marketing.  This means to get the engagement, shares, and links that matter, we must create valuable web content.  This can be: blog posts, whitepapers, guides, info-graphics, videos, or anything else you could think of to share online.  The important thing is that the content piece be: compelling, entertaining, funny, scary, or just extremely useful and thought provoking.  50% of link-building can easily be devoted to content development now, and much of that should be published directly on your website.

Following Google & Bing Webmaster Guidelines

It is also important to ensure that all of Google’s (and Bing’s) webmaster guidelines are followed during the link-building process, if spammy links are built pointing to a website it can result in the website being de-indexed. The SEO recovery process in this situation can be very time consuming and expensive.  Make sure whoever you hire follows these guidelines and isn’t taking shortcuts that will damage your site’s credibility, or worse, get you removed from the Search Engines.

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