Stages of SEO

SEO (search-engine optimization) is the process of improving a website’s visibility in the organic section of search engine results pages, in order to increase website visitors and site conversions (phone calls, completed forms, etc).

Colorado SEO Pros guides clients through the 5 stages of SEO. These stages are repeated throughout the life cycle of the SEO campaign and are adjusted each month based on SEO performance and search-engine trends.


This is the first step in every SEO campaign. Information is acquired to identify goals, challenges and opportunities, in order to gain a deep understanding of the overall project landscape.

  1. Initial discovery call
  2. SEO audit
  3. Analytics access & data collection
  4. Project plan & campaign schedule
  5. Campaign kickoff

SEO Research

Competitive Analysis

In order to create an effective SEO strategy, it is important to gain a detailed understanding of the competitive landscape. We will identify industry and market-specific SEO strategies that have proven effective, and then use that information to guide the SEO campaign strategy.

Keyword & Topic Research

While keyword application within SEO strategy has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, it still plays a critical role in content planning and on-page optimization. Colorado SEO Pros will craft a hyper-targeted keyword strategy that leverages advanced data sources and AI technologies, allowing your content to reach more people and generate more opportunities.

Backlink Analysis

Off-page SEO plays a critical role in SEO performance. The number, quality, and overall makeup of the links pointed to your website directly influence search rankings. The number, type, theme, and overall makeup of backlinks amongst competitors influences the SEO performance of individual pages and entire websites.

Understanding competitive backlink profiles and addressing toxic links is a critical first step of off-page SEO strategy.

Technical Assessment

It is critical that Google and other search-engines can effectively crawl websites so each page’s information can be indexed, processed, and included in search pages.

If a website has significant technical issues search-engine bots may be prevented from accurately indexing and processing pages, leaving them out of search results.

Some of the more important technical SEO factors include:

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the stage in which we plan, optimize, and create original content based on user intent and search behavior. There are many SEO tools that provide data to create an on-page SEO strategy, at Colorado SEO Pros we leverage multiple data sources across a proprietary process to generate superior content briefs, ones that target the best matched and highest opportunity keywords.

These briefs inform writers and provide a detailed blueprint for content development. SEO content briefs include:

Once content is created it is reviewed for proper optimization, and then approved for website publishing. Creating high quality, properly-targeted and optimized content is a cornerstone of modern SEO, and directly correlates with SEO performance. At Colorado SEO Pros we utilize the best data sources available, combined in a proprietary process that leverages Google’s live index alongside powerful AI processing. The result is superior content targeting and enhanced SEO performance.

Off-Page SEO

Backlinks are widely considered the most important category of ranking signals following content, and for good reason. The links pointing to your website from other domains can have a big impact on the authority and trust Google and other search-engines attribute to your website. As a result, the right backlinks can provide a major boost to search-engine rankings, organic traffic, and ultimately website conversions.

Some of the elements of the off-page SEO process include:

Colorado SEO Pros will perform detailed research to understand the competitive landscape, and then create a custom link-building plan that targets the right back links to support your content, increase rankings, and drive new visitors to your website.

Website Analytics & SEO Strategy

Ongoing website analytics analysis and strategy adjustment is a critical part of every SEO campaign. Even the most effectively crafted SEO strategies require data analysis and optimization to ensure continued performance improvement. By understanding what is working well, and what needs to be changed, we can ensure that every SEO strategy continues to show progress throughout the campaign.

Some of the most important metrics examined include:

Colorado SEO Pros will set up detailed tracking at the beginning of the campaign and regularly analyze KPI’s and site data to ensure consistent progress is made each month.

By understanding the root cause behind traffic and rankings increases, we can build on past successes and continue to deliver consistent results each month.

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