Our Approach to SEO

Colorado SEO Pros takes a business-centric approach to SEO, this means each SEO strategy is designed to align with your business, not fit it within a pre-determined SEO process. What are your overall business objectives, what are your biggest challenges, and how can SEO be used to help address those priorities?

SEO is much more than rankings and traffic, it is a powerful marketing channel that can be used to achieve meaningful business outcomes. We create and manage SEO strategies aligned with your business objectives to help you achieve results that go far beyond keyword rankings.

Stages of the SEO Process


This is the first step in every SEO campaign. Information is acquired to identify goals, challenges, and opportunities, in order to gain a deep understanding of our client’s business and priorities.

  1. Pre-contract discovery and goal alignment
  2. Proposal and project plan
  3. Analytics access & project managements setup
  4. Campaign kickoff

Research & Strategy Development

At the beginning of each SEO campaign we complete in-depth SEO and market research to create a custom strategy and campaign schedule to establish a frame work for the following 6-12 months. This includes the goals we are planning to achieve, the strategies and tactics to achieve them, and the specific deliverables and timeline for execution.

SEO Campaign Strategy Often Includes:

SEO Strategy Execution

Each SEO strategy is carefully organized within a shared project management system that clearly outlines all of the work being performed, notes and associated files, as well as timing and status so that our team and yours is in complete alignment throughout the campaign.

Consulting & Communication

We choose not to employ account managers, so you will engage directly with a seasoned SEO strategist, most of which have no less than 10 years of SEO experience. We connect via video meeting weekly to monthly depending on client needs and preferences. Outside of our regular meetings you can connect via email, phone, or ad-hoc video meetings as needed to get the support you need.

Reporting & Performance Analysis

We provide monthly reporting examining both pre and post click SEO metrics and trends, including rankings and impressions, website clicks, visits, and visitors, as well as conversions and revenue. We also include detailed analysis to provide context and meaning, so you can clearly understand where progress is being made, as well as key areas for improvement. We can also provide custom reporting and dashboards for executive teams and other key stakeholders.

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