Off-Page SEO

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO encompasses all SEO efforts that are applied outside of the website itself. Typically these efforts focus on identifying relevant link opportunities that can be leveraged through a variety of SEO strategies and tactics. Off-page SEO can include:

On-page SEO efforts concentrate on making your content visible to search engines, but you need to connect with other entities online to gain the authority to compete for the most lucrative search terms. If you create high quality engaging content that solves real problems for your visitors, off-page SEO such as link-building and social media can be much more effective. Link-building is only as good as the content your are linking to.

Press releases, online PR outreach, partnerships, directory submissions, forum postings, RSS feeds, and social bookmarking can all help create the backlinks necessary for strong SEO referrals and online reputation management. Competitors can try to damage your reputation or weaken your SEO rankings, however with proper off-page SEO techniques you can ensure your voice is being heard.

Link Profile Management

There are many options to manage your link profile including a variety of link-building techniques. A website’s link profile is made up of all the backlinks coming in from other websites. SEO agencies and professionals try to achieve a balanced profile, ensuring that links come from a variety of relevant sources, using varied anchor text, and point to a number of different pages within the website.

Besides link-building, link profile management entails continuously monitoring and tracking important backlinks. High-value links such as major news outlets, government websites, and educational institutions can have direct impact on important keyword rankings. Link profile management ensures that if rankings drop due to a specific broken link, we can quickly identify the problem and address it as needed.

Local SEO Efforts Strengthen Local Searches

Google recently responded to customer dissatisfaction with local SEO returns by implementing stronger criteria for local searches, so your local marketing and targeting efforts need a balanced local SEO strategy. Targeted local search campaigns bring customers to your site from mobile applications, social media connections and local directories.

We help you get listed on the important local directories and guides such as CitySearch,,, YellowBook and others. Businesses with trade affiliations get listed in local service directories and sites of community interest. Ranking highly in local searches requires an optimized profile and potent set of external connections, but the information must be consistent across all references because mixed signals could weaken your ranking.

The Line Between Social Media and SEO Has Blurred

The major search engines now use social media connections and signals in ranking algorithms, comparing what’s on your site with what takes place off-site. You need to register your brand on the major social networks to strengthen your credibility and authority.

You should display social connect and sharing buttons on all website pages, and you can strengthen your connections by posting blogs, tweets, videos and other content on social channels. Media share buttons enable visitors to refer your content to their friends, building your links and audience exponentially.

Online Reputation Management Has Become Critical

Online reputation management techniques help present your profile in a favorable light, get feedback on customer opinions, and provide warning signals of reputation problems. The tremendous number of blogs and reviews could cause negative feedback, associative errors or damage to your personal reputation.

Online reputation management monitors the Internet for trouble spots and seeks to restore your reputation by emphasizing positive coverage.

Off-Page SEO Techniques Build Website Traffic

How you conduct your off-page SEO efforts is just as important as what you do. Off-page SEO efforts must use acceptable link-building and promotional strategies, because using spammy link-building tactics could damage your reputation and even get you de-indexed from Google. It is critical that the SEO agency or professional you choose to enlist uses sound internet marketing practices. Legitimate off-page SEO takes time, sustained effort, and creativity. Beware of anyone with a quick or easy off-page SEO or link-building solution, many can cause long-term damage to websites and the businesses they represent.

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