SEO Services & Capabilities

SEO professional services encompasses all of the research, strategy, planning, management, and ongoing consulting of your SEO project with us. We don’t use account managers, so you will work directly with a seasoned SEO strategist. With 100 years of combined SEO experience, our strategies are second to none, and with a deep focus on your business and revenue goals, the results speak for themselves. We create custom SEO strategies which can include:

  • Revenue Growth
  • Market Expansion & Penetration
  • SEO Visibility
  • SEO Foundation & Best Practices
  • Offsetting PPC Spend
  • Stabilizing Negative SEO Performance Trends
  • Website Planning
  • Penalty Recovery
  • EEAT Development
  • Funding Round Support

Content is still king, and your SEO content strategy is an absolutely critical component of your overall SEO strategy. The content on your site is how we create rankings, and more importantly tell a story to search-engines about who you are and what you do. Lastly, your content is how you reach and engage your customers at the various stages of the buyer’s journey, and how we lead them to buy or become a sales lead.

Audience Targeting

Keywords are still an important part of SEO research, however if our goal is to connect with customers and elicit meaningful actions we need to focus on audience targeting over keyword targeting. We dive deep into understanding your customers, their needs and challenges, and the value behind your solution. We create and use existing personas in our content optimization process to ensure writers are creating content for real people with a real purpose.

Content Blueprints™

The days of writing 500 words of text and including a handful of keywords are over, this strategy no longer works. We provide detailed Content Blueprints™ that provides writers with every detail they need to create fantastic content that ranks and connects with customers to drive important activity and business outcomes. Our campaign writers know who they are writing for, what the audience is trying to accomplish, how to incorporate targeted SEO data, and which content ideas might be best to include.

Content Production

We can work with your internal team, your external vendor/contractors, or provide expert written content to you. We have a dedicated writing team that is tried and true and knows our clients and our process well. We can also bring hyper-focused writers on board if you require greater specialization, we have brought in writers who specialize in AI, crypto, medical, foreign languages, and a number of other subject matter specialities.

Gaining high-quality, relevant back links is an important part of SEO that is necessary to compete at the highest levels of search. We take an extremely strategic approach to link-building that helps us improve your backlink profile so that it becomes more relevant, more trusted, and supports your SEO campaign priorities to best align with your business goals.

We have a dedicated link-building department that works hand in hand with our SEO strategists to create and manage custom campaigns on your behalf. We don’t sell or guarantee links, but we have a solid track record of delivering results for our clients day in and day out.

Toxic Link Management

Unfortunately negative SEO still occurs, and ironically we often see 100% natural link-profiles with toxic links that need to be addressed. As part of our overall link-building service, we perform periodic toxic link analyses and action plans as needed. We handle all of this process from initial research to implementing final solutions.

PR Link-Building

One of the most effective white-hat link building techniques is digital PR. We leverage an experienced PR team with deep expertise in helping create and pitch compelling stories to both niche and mainstream media outlets, then closely align those efforts with our SEO content and link-building strategies. The result is high-powered competitor-proof links that deliver big credibility and results with both customers and search-engines.

We take a strategic approach to technical SEO that prioritizes the opportunities that will have the greatest impact, and require the least development resources to execute. Knowing where not to waste your time is even more important than identifying opportunities in this area. Just because you have technical SEO errors doesn’t mean fixing them will have any positive impact on SEO performance, and the pitfall of wasting time and dev resources is very real. Understanding which opportunities to pursue at what time is where the real value resides in technical SEO.

Crawl Audits

We will run monthly crawl audits to check for over 140 different crawl errors, then validate and analyze the data to determine which should be addressed. We provide detailed recommendations and work directly with the web development team to execute solutions, then retest to validate.

Speed Optimization

Core web vitals are a set of metrics related to how well a web page loads for users, and was an initiative launched by Google to try and improve user experience on websites. While the actual SEO impact of these metrics is fairly low, it is expected to increase over time. We conduct testing for core web vitals and provide detailed recommendations to improve these scores.

Schema Markup

This specialized code helps communicate important information to search-engines in a unified format. Schema markup can improve search-engines understanding of your website, your company, authors of content, as well as countless other pieces of information. We create schema strategies that focus on improving the visibility of our clients’ content in search-results. Content that has been enhanced with schema can appear in featured snippets, creating prominent visibility in search results.

Information Architecture & URL Structure

This area of technical SEO is absolutely critical, and plays a large role in how users experience and navigate between your webpages, and also determined how SEO equity is passed throughout your website. It is important that a logical hierarchy is created that is relevant to your products and services and also allows you the ability to scale over time. We can help rearchitect your current IA, or create a fresh IA for a new website.

SEO Website Launch Management

Launching a new website can have devastating effects on SEO performance if done incorrectly. Besides designing an optimized information architecture and content strategy, we can also work with your developers to complete pre and post technical SEO testing to try and minimize the negative impacts from a launch.

Content Mapping and Redirect Planning

If you’re launching a new site or making major changes to a current one, it’s critical specific SEO research and planning is completed as a first step. We will asses all of your content for SEO value and provide consulting and recommendations so that you know the potential impact of your changes. We can also create a complete plan including a 301 redirect map to maximize SEO equity retention through the transition.

As a medium, video has been exploding over the past 10 years and it is only going to become more important. Youtube is the second largest search-engine and has over 2.6 billion users, more than half the number of all internet users. We create targeted video SEO strategies that leverage Youtube, as well as video as onsite content to increase brand exposure, engagement, as well as supporting our overarching SEO strategy.

While most of our clients hire us to create and manage their entire SEO campaign, we do on occasion offer project-based work and a-la-cart SEO services. We take on these types of projects on a case by case basis, as we want to make sure that all of our clients get value from the work we perform. As with all new projects, we will carefully vet the opportunity to make sure it is a winner on both sides before moving forward.

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